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Rova Caviar & Sake Dassai 39


The “caviar-saké” coffret, a modern combination for a very delicate tasting.

Cultivated in the heart of an exceptional natural environment, the pearly Yamadanishiki rice pearls, known as “the king of sake rice”, have been meticulously polished to offer a drink of great quality. On the nose, Dassai 39 sake’s gourmet touches take you on a journey, and once tasted, the ripe fruit flavours are perfectly balanced with fresh melon notes.

In the mouth, the light iodine fragrance of the “Royal” range or the gourmet and roundness of the “Impérial” caviar both blend naturally with this refined spirit for an experience of great rarity.

Accompanied by a key and mother-of-pearl spoons, this box is ideal for an original taste experience.

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