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French Style

French Style

Rova Caviar & Champagne

Amour de Deutz

Experience the epitome of French sophistication with the « caviar-champagne » set, an exquisite combination crafted for the discerning palate. This box features Ossetra Imperial caviar, carefully chosen for its light-colored grains, perfectly complementing the radiant crystalline gold of the Champagne Amour de Deutz. As you savor each bite, the caviar's brilliance dazzles, harmoniously intertwining with the lively effervescence of the champagne bubbles. This is a journey of flavors, showcasing the purity and exceptional finesse of the caviar, elevated by the exquisite notes of this Blanc de Blancs champagne.

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An elegant tasting experience​

Amour de Deutz, an exceptional Champagne, captivates with its sweet, fruity notes and luxurious effervescence that delicately envelops the palate like fine lace. Crafted exclusively from Chardonnay and matured in vats, it boasts a vivacity and depth of flavor that is truly unparalleled.

This champagne's delightful aromatic profile harmonizes exquisitely with the pristine pearls of Imperial Ossetra caviar. The caviar's intense iodine and hazelnut notes meld seamlessly with the light, vegetal flavors of this Blanc de Blancs champagne, creating a sophisticated symphony of tastes. Together, they compose a refined experience, a true testament to the elegance of French culinary art.​

Caviar and Champagne tasting in a workshop

A legendary Champagne House

Founded in 1838, Maison Deutz originates from a story of passion. The goal was to bestow upon all the house's wines a harmonious blend, offering unique tasting experiences. Internationally renowned for the exceptional quality of its champagne, Maison Deutz proudly holds over 80% of France's « Grand crus », including the vintage Champagne « Amour de Deutz ». Beyond delivering an exceptional product, the Maison also prioritizes the well-being of its collaborators, sharing values with Maison Rova Caviar, making Deutz a preferred partner for the creation of this exquisite gift set.

The Rova Collection

With an array of exceptional products, Maison Rova Caviar invites you to explore tasting pairings that resonate with you, offering timeless experiences.​

Sake bottle and caviar box Sake and caviar gift box front view

Japanese Style

A choice selection for chefs, Ossetra caviar and Dassai 39 sake come together to create a rare and unexpected flavor journey. This pairing is an invitation to discover new culinary horizons.​

Caviar key on a natural backgroundCaviar key on natural background with water droplets

Caviar Tin Opener

An essential chic accessory for caviar service, this elegantly designed caviar key is shaped like a tasting tin and adorned with the iconic logo of the house.​

Semi-open box of Persicus Ossetra caviar on natural backgroundClose-up on Royal Persicus Ossetra caviar beads

Royal Persicus

The distinctiveness of Royal Persicus caviar lies in the size of its grains, which are marginally smaller than those of its cousin, the Russian Ossetra, making it a round and finely balanced caviar.

Rova caviar,

Crafted in a Sanctuary of Nature

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