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Royal Shipova
Royal Shipova
Royal Shipova

Royal Shipova

A novel experience

Species : Acipenser Nudiventris

Shipova Royal is a unique offering for caviar aficionados with discerning tastes. Sourced from the seldom-farmed Nudiventris sturgeon, it stands out as a « precious UFO » in the culinary world, according to chefs, due to its unparalleled nature. This exceptional caviar features soft yet firm grains with subtle notes of hazelnut and butter, leading into a distinct iodine flavor. Its elegant silvery, water-green reflections beautifully highlight the transparent pearls of Shipova Royal caviar, making it a rare delicacy.

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A Harmonious Blend
of Sea and Land​

The Shipova « Royal » quality is distinguished mainly by the size of its grains. The eggs, meticulously chosen to craft Shipova caviar, measure between 2.2 and 2.4 millimeters in diameter, reflecting the petite stature of the Acipenser Nudiventris species. Resembling firm, pliant, and lustrous beads, they glide across the palate, imparting a velvety, melting texture.​

Open light-toned Shipova Caviar Box on a bed of ice

Madagascar's hidden gem

The distinctive iodine flavors of Shipova Royal caviar complement white meat, mackerel, sardines, pike terrine, and scallops beautifully. To fully savor the depth of this exquisite and highly coveted delicacy, we initially suggest tasting it directly from the skin. This method allows you to experience the full spectrum of its sophisticated iodine nuances, which harmonize wonderfully with white meat, mackerel, sardines, pike terrine, or scallops. For those who enjoy wine, infused red wines or aged white wines are recommended pairings. For a non-alcoholic option, Sheng Cha tea, with its aroma reminiscent of Shipova caviar, offers a delightful tasting experience.​

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The Rova Collection

The art of tasting Rova caviar offers a unique experience, unveiling the myriad nuances of this refined delicacy. Our collection, ranging from specialized accessories to elegantly assembled boxes, is thoughtfully curated to facilitate tasting rituals that align perfectly with your individual tastes and desires.

Caviar key on a natural backgroundCaviar key on natural background with water droplets

Caviar Tin Opener

The quintessential accessory for serving caviar, this elegant key is designed in the shape of a tasting tin and adorned with the signature logo of the house.​

Louis XIII Cognac service with a glass of cognac, a spoon, and a mother-of-pearl spoonOpen Louis XIII box with tasting accessories and caviar box

Exceptional Fragrances

Selected from the rarest grains, this exquisite box from Rova Caviar comes paired with Louis XIII cognac, offering a unique tasting experience enriched with aromatic notes.​

Open Persicus Ossetra Caviar Box on natural background with lidOpen box of Persicus Ossetra caviar on natural background

Royal Persicus

Once referred to as the « vanished delicacy of Iran », this rare caviar now captivates the most discerning gourmets with taste qualities reminiscent of authentic Iranian caviar. Its pearls, meticulously harvested after seven years of cultivation, enchant with their exceptional flavor and quality.​

Rova caviar,

Crafted in a Sanctuary of Nature

Mantasoa Lake with Drone View and Clouds
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