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Royal Persicus
Royal Persicus
Royal Persicus

Royal Persicus

An Ode to the Caviar of Bygone Days

Species : Acipenser Persicus

Heralded as the quintessential Iranian caviar, the grains of Iranian Ossetra are notably smaller than those of its Russian Ossetra counterpart, yet they captivate with a more profound intensity. Marrying the gentle notes of hazelnut and butter with the bold essence of the sea, this caviar presents a harmonious blend that is both rich and elegantly balanced.

In the modern culinary world of the 21st century, the legendary Iranian caviar has piqued interest and is increasingly winning over chefs and aficionados alike with its storied past and distinctive qualities.

Price per kg: 3 500 € TTC pour les boîtes de 30g à 50g et 250g à 500g, 3 520 € TTC pour la boîte de 125g
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The Resurgence of the Iranian Sturgeon

Previously thought to be extinct, this sturgeon species has always been coveted by connoisseurs. Since 2016, the Acipenser Persicus has made a remarkable comeback, thriving in the natural habitat of Lake Mantasoa in Madagascar, situated at an altitude of over 1,400 meters, east of the capital. The Iranian Ossetra caviar produced from this sturgeon boasts medium-sized, jet-black eggs, adorned with light brown and plum highlights, marking a significant revival of this prized delicacy.​

Close-up on Persicus Caviar grains

The renaissance of a legendary caviar

To fully appreciate the delicate nuances of this distinctive caviar, we suggest initially tasting it directly from the skin. Pairing it with neutral accompaniments like potatoes or eggs can also be delightful, as they allow the Iranian Ossetra caviar's full range of aromatic notes to shine through. For an elevated gourmet experience, the inclusion of white fish, scallops, or beef will provide a pleasant surprise. Additionally, this caviar complements the dry Riesling Rosenberg 2021 from Domaine Barmès-Buecher beautifully, enhancing the tasting journey.​

Discover more

The Rova Collection

The art of tasting Rova caviar offers a unique experience, unveiling the myriad nuances of this refined delicacy. Our collection, ranging from specialized accessories to elegantly assembled boxes, is thoughtfully curated to facilitate tasting rituals that align perfectly with your individual tastes and desires.

Open Baeri Imperial Box with lid on natural backgroundOpen Baeri Imperial Caviar Box on natural background

Imperial Baeri

The « Imperial » Baeri quality is distinguished for its impressive size and the velvety texture of its jet-black pearls.​

Caviar on mother-of-pearl dish held in handsMother-of-pearl plate and their pouch

Mother-of-pearls Plates

The collection of 6 Rova Caviar Madagascar mother-of-pearl dishes is an elegant and natural accessory, essential for tasting Rova Caviar.​

Top view of a tea and Ossetra Caviar tastingCaviar and TWG tea gift set

Tea Time

The « caviar-tea » gift set, a sweet and sour pairing with Genmaicha TWG Tea for a gourmet and comforting tasting.

Rova caviar,

Crafted in a Sanctuary of Nature

Mantasoa Lake with Drone View and Clouds
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