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Royal Baeri
Royal Baeri
Royal Baeri

Royal Baeri

The initiation to caviar

Species : Acipenser Baerii

Baeri caviar, sourced from the Siberian sturgeon, is an excellent choice for those experiencing caviar for the first time. This species is the most commonly found sturgeon around the world. Rova’s Baeri « Royal » quality is particularly celebrated for its rich and pleasing effect on the palate. Its black grains shine brilliantly and its light, smooth, satiny texture opens up the taste buds to a lasting iodized marine aroma. This makes it an ideal and delightful tasting experience for gourmet enthusiasts.

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A generous
to the Art of Rova Caviar

The « Royal » selection from Baeri Rova is an exquisite caviar, highly valued by discerning gourmets. Its distinctiveness within the Rova range primarily lies in the size of its grains. The sturgeon eggs chosen for this caviar are specifically selected for their notable size, with each grain measuring a minimum of 2.7 millimeters. This diameter is unusually large for Baeri caviar, a testament to the optimal sturgeon rearing conditions in Madagascar. These impressively sized grains offer a delicate sensation as they roll over the palate, leading to a smooth, melt-in-the-mouth experience characterized by rich iodine and mineral flavors.​

Potato bite with Rova Caviar and edible flower recipe

"A High-Quality Caviar Showcasing Madagascar's Finest" - Lalaina Ravelomanana

Madagascar's farmed caviar has captivated numerous gourmets, hotels, and chefs with its exquisite roundness and velvety, melt-in-the-mouth texture. This exceptional product inspires chefs to craft delicious and innovative recipes. Rova’s Baeri Royal caviar is also perfectly suited for a pure tasting experience, ideally enjoyed with specialized accessories like mother-of-pearl tasting spoons. Its subtle flavors complement neutral ingredients, such as potatoes, beautifully.​

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The Rova Selection

Whether you are a traditionalist at heart or in search of new culinary experiences, explore the extensive range of products offered by Rova.​

Two champagne glasses with caviar boxChampagne Amour de Deutz and caviar gift box

French Style

Experience elegance with our « caviar-champagne » boxed set, perfectly crafted for a refined « à la Française » tasting experience.​

Mother-of-pearl spoons in satin storage pouchMother-of-pearl spoon on a labradorite background

Mother-of-pearl spoons

Enhance your caviar experience with Rova Caviar's double mother-of-pearl spoons, designed to savor the prestigious « black pearls » without altering their exquisite taste.​

Semi-open box of Royal Ossetra caviar on natural backgroundClose-up on Ossetra Royal Caviar grains

Royal Ossetra

Discover the distinctive taste of Royal Ossetra Caviar, celebrated for its unique harmony of hazelnut notes and delicate marine flavors.​

Rova caviar,

Crafted in a Sanctuary of Nature

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