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Imperial Baeri
Imperial Baeri
Imperial Baeri

Imperial Baeri

A Sensory Journey

Species : Acipenser Baerii

The « Imperial » quality of Baeri caviar is celebrated for its exceptional grain size, showcasing intense black grains. It takes eight years for the Siberian sturgeon to produce the eggs featured in this range. The generous pearls of this Baeri caviar glide smoothly over the palate, delivering a creamy and buttery flavor profile.

Price per kg: $ 3000,00
tin weight
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The Elegance
of Jet-Black Grains

Meticulously chosen for their 2.9mm grain size, the eggs from the « Imperial » Baeri quality yield a delicate and exquisite caviar. This selection begins with a generous burst of flavor, leading to a lingering creamy and buttery taste on the palate. It is designed to captivate both enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Remarkably, only 10% of Baeri Rova caviar production is allocated for this exclusive range, highlighting its exceptional quality and rarity.​

Open Baeri Caviar Box on a bed of crushed ice

“A Beautiful Size,
Perfect for Culinary Creations”

Baeri caviar delivers the authentic taste of caviar. The Imperial quality stands out with its rare size, especially when compared to the Baeri Royal, and is highly esteemed by gourmets. Rova Caviar is known for its low salt content in its malossol dishes, which enhances the caviar's natural iodized flavors. These unique qualities make Baeri Imperial caviar an ideal ingredient for innovative recipes.​ Culinary enthusiasts will be particularly intrigued by the opportunity to create exceptional dishes like the « Trio de Cacao with Caramel Dulce and Baeri Rova Imperial Caviar », a gourmet dessert crafted by Chef Christophe Chiavola. This combination of caviar in sweet culinary creations showcases its versatility and appeal to sophisticated palates.​

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The Rova Selection

Experience the exceptional world of Rova Caviar, where the journey extends far beyond the dish. Rova's extensive range of products is designed to provide a unique, tailored experience, ensuring every moment is as exquisite as the caviar itself.​

Cocktail tasting with Beluga Vodka and caviar boxOpen gift box of Beluga Vodka

Russian Style

Discover the classic « caviar-vodka » experience with our « Russian Style » gift set, created in collaboration with Vodka Beluga. This traditional pairing is perfect for an authentic « à la Russe » tasting.​

Caviar key on a natural backgroundCaviar key on natural background with water droplets

Caviar Tin Opener

An essential chic accessory for caviar service, this elegantly designed caviar key is shaped like a tasting tin and adorned with the iconic logo of the house.​

Open Ossetra Imperial Caviar Box on natural backgroundClose-up on Imperial Ossetra caviar beads

Imperial Ossetra

Rova's Imperial Ossetra caviar is an exquisite blend of flavors, offering an exceptional taste experience for the discerning palate. Its light color is a distinctive feature, adding to its allure.

Rova caviar,

Crafted in a Sanctuary of Nature

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