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Silverware service and Shipova Royal caviar box

Caviar Accessories

The quintessential tools for caviar include the spoon, the dish, and the key for tin opening. Connoisseurs prefer mother-of-pearl for its natural and noble qualities, especially when in contact with the precious grains. Maison Rova enhances the tasting experience with unique black mother-of-pearl accessories that boast iridescent sheens, elevating even the most sophisticated table settings.​

Caviar key on a natural backgroundCaviar key on natural background with water droplets

Caviar Tin Opener

An essential chic accessory for caviar service, this elegantly designed caviar key is shaped like a tasting tin and adorned with the iconic logo of the house.​

The Art of tasting Caviar

Tasting caviar is an art form that demands finesse. To preserve the integrity of the delicate, precious pearls, opt for softer materials like mother-of-pearl, horn, porcelain, ivory, precious wood, nylon, or gold, which remains unaffected by the caviar's flavors.

Craftsmen, including goldsmiths and crystal makers, often present crystal or silver caviar sets to enrich the experience.

Gently open your tin of caviar, chilled on a bed of crushed ice, using the provided key. Serve a quenelle of caviar on the dish, and with your spoon, carefully select a few grains to taste. Let the caviar roll under your palate, bursting slowly to unveil their complex aromas and nuanced flavors.​


Pairings for an Exquisite Caviar Tasting

Caviar pairs well with a variety of accompaniments. Neutral-tasting foods are recommended to complement, not overshadow, the caviar's delicate flavors, including oysters, fish (white, smoked, or salmon), scallops, veal, beef, eggs, pasta, artichokes, green asparagus, and potatoes.

Caviar should never be cooked, frozen, or reheated.​

When it comes to beverages, the classic choice is champagne, with a preference for a slightly sweet brut or extra-brut, ideally a « blanc de blancs » Vodka, enjoyed at room temperature, is another traditional pairing, allowing one to appreciate its full range of subtleties and aromas.

However, the choice of drink is personal; the tasting should be a unique moment that resonates with you. Sake, cognac, whisky, and tea also pair beautifully with caviar. For those interested in exploring these pairings, Maison Rova Caviar Madagascar offers curated gift sets on its official website.


Caring for Your Tasting Accessories​

To maintain the integrity of caviar's flavor, it's essential to avoid using metal or silver utensils, which oxidize upon contact with caviar and can impart an unpleasant taste. Rova Caviar provides mother-of-pearl spoons and dishes to preserve the caviar's texture and taste. The caviar key, crafted from brass, may naturally oxidize when exposed to air over time. For optimal care, create a gentle cleaning solution with a drop of mild soap and lukewarm water, then carefully clean your accessories. Ensure a thorough rinse with clean water and dry them with a soft microfiber cloth or chamois. Should the brass key require additional cleaning, gently rub it for a few minutes. To safeguard your accessories from damage and dust, we advise storing them in their designated pouches.

Elegant tasting of Rova caviar box
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