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Rova's Ritual

Rova's Ritual

Rova Caviar and its tasting service

The « Rova's Ritual » box presents an exquisite tasting journey, emphasizing purity and sophistication.​

Explore the House's Baeri and Ossetra caviar selections within this collection, accompanied by elegant black mother-of-pearl accessories. Including a caviar key, bowls, and spoons encased in satin pouches to protect their valuable material, this set provides a culinary experience that adheres to the highest standards of finesse.​

Offering a true sensory expedition, this gift is perfectly suited for those new to the refined world of Rova Caviar.

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A Traditional Caviar Experience

Experience the elegance and purity of black mother-of-pearl as you delve into the world of Maison Rova caviar. Traditionally savored « à la Russe » or « à la Royale », meaning directly off the back of the hand, this custom continues today, enriched over time with a sophisticated caviar service. This includes a specially designed key for tin opening, bowls, and spoons. It's recommended to use delicate utensils to maintain the integrity of the caviar's flavor. Rova Caviar specifically selects black mother-of-pearl for its utensils, a material that preserves the caviar's taste without imparting metallic notes.​ To begin, use the proper key to gently open your caviar tin, which should be placed on a bed of crushed ice in its dedicated holder. Then, carefully form a quenelle of caviar on the plate and use your spoon to gently lift a few iridescent pearls with a moiré sheen. Allow the caviar pearls to roll across your palate, slowly releasing their rich flavors, enabling you to savor every nuance.

Caviar spoon and crystalware

Caring for Your Tasting​

Rova Caviar utensils require careful handling due to their fragility. For optimal maintenance, it is advised to combine a drop of mild soap with lukewarm water and gently wipe them down. Following the cleaning process, ensure a thorough rinse with fresh water and dry them using a clean microfiber cloth or chamois. Should the brass caviar key need deeper cleaning, a gentle rub for a few minutes is recommended. To safeguard your accessories and shield them from impacts and dust, storing them in their individual pouches is advisable.​


The Rova Collection

With an array of exceptional products, Maison Rova Caviar invites you to explore tasting pairings that resonate with you, offering timeless experiences.​

Open Baeri Imperial Box with lid on natural backgroundOpen Baeri Imperial Caviar Box on natural background

Imperial Baeri

The « Imperial » Baeri quality is distinguished for its impressive size and the velvety texture of its jet-black pearls.​

Top view of a tea and Ossetra Caviar tastingCaviar and TWG tea gift set

Tea Time

The « caviar-tea » gift set, a sweet and sour pairing with Genmaicha TWG Tea for a gourmet and comforting tasting.

Rova caviar,

Crafted in a Sanctuary of Nature

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