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Mother-of-pearl spoons

Mother-of-pearl spoons

Essential for Tasting

Set of 6 pieces

Material: Mother-of-pearl

The Rova Caviar double mother-of-pearl spoon, a quintessential accessory for caviar tasting, allows you to savor the esteemed « black pearls » without compromising their flavor.​

Sourced from the noble realms of Madagascar, this material immerses you in a sensory exploration, unveiling the opulent gastronomy of the Indian Ocean. Emblematic of the ocean's treasures, the Rova Caviar Madagascar spoon embodies the fragility and delicacy of sturgeon eggs.

Encased in a cotton and satin pouch that reflects the Maison's palette, these mother-of-pearl spoons, available in sets of six, offer a novel culinary experience, transforming the act of tasting into an art form.

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Mother-of-pearl spoons

Rova caviar, a delicacy par excellence, demands careful consumption to fully savor its rich palette of flavors. A few minutes before indulging, present your already opened tin of Rova caviar atop a bed of crushed ice. This preparation allows the caviar to « breathe », enhancing its flavors for a fuller sensory experience. As the pearls glisten, their visual allure adds to the anticipation, marking the beginning of a multi-sensory journey.​ Using the Rova mother-of-pearl spoon, with its subtle bluish tint, gently scoop a few grains of caviar. This spoon not only complements the visual presentation of Rova caviar pearls but, being made from a delicate and noble material, it also preserves the caviar's aroma, ensuring an unadulterated taste experience.​ As you bring the spoon to your lips, the initial tasting awakens your senses to the caviar's complex notes. The delicate grains tantalize the palate, unveiling their initial flavors. A second tasting is recommended to acclimate your taste buds and uncover the caviar's nuanced, more subtle flavors. Whether it's floral, iodized, or the gentle sweetness of hazelnut, the mother-of-pearl spoon is key to experiencing the true essence of Rova caviar.​

Elegant tasting of Rova caviar box

The Rova Collection

Paired with Rova caviar, the mother-of-pearl spoons are arranged in their pouch to offer a unique serving ritual. Rova Caviar gift sets come in multiple shades depending on your taste preferences: champagne, vodka, cognac, tea... Exceptional pairings for a timeless experience​

Caviar and Champagne tasting in a workshopChampagne Amour de Deutz and caviar gift box

French Style

Experience a delightful burst of flavors as the exquisite Amour champagne from Deutz enhances the luminous pearls of Ossetra caviar with elegance.​

Beluga vodka bottle and silverware setOpen gift box of Beluga Vodka

Russian Style

For an authentic tasting experience, Maison Rova suggests pairing Baeri caviar pearls with Russian Beluga vodka, embracing the traditional Russian method.​

Rova caviar,

Crafted in a Sanctuary of Nature

Sunrise Landscape with Light Mist
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