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30g Caviar Box in a chest with a mother-of-pearl spoon

The Caviars

Rova Caviar Madagascar offers a diverse selection of six different types of caviar, each representing an exceptional product. Given the lengthy process of caviar production, four of these six varieties are currently available: Baeri, Ossetra, Persicus, and Shipova caviars. The much-anticipated Sevruga and Beluga caviars are set to be introduced in the coming years.​​

As the producer of these delicacies through the Acipenser farm, Maison Rova meticulously selects each pearl to present the most refined caviar ranges. Ensuring freshness and a personalized experience, Rova caviar is delivered within 24 to 48 hours, allowing you to savor these exquisite selections at your convenience and location of choice.

Baeri Caviar

Perfect for those new to the world of caviar, Baeri caviar (scientific name: Acipenser Baerii) originates from Siberia and is the most widely distributed species globally. This variety was the first to be introduced to the Acipenser farm in Madagascar, marking a significant milestone. It takes a female sturgeon six years to produce Baeri caviar. At Maison Rova, this particular caviar is distinguished by its creamy, buttery texture and distinct mineral notes.​

Semi-open box of Baeri Royal caviar on natural backgroundOpen box of Baeri Royal caviar on natural background

Royal Baeri

The Baeri « Royal » quality is an embodiment of generosity and an ideal introduction to the Art of Rova Caviar.​

  • Size: 2.7 mm

  • Color : Dark brown

  • Flavor notes : Iodized, mineral

From $6600
Open Baeri Imperial Box with lid on natural backgroundOpen Baeri Imperial Caviar Box on natural background

Imperial Baeri

The Baeri « Imperial » quality is distinguished for its impressive size and the velvety texture of its jet-black grains.​

  • Size : 2.9 mm

  • Color : Dark Brown

  • Flavor notes : Iodized and mineral

From $9000
Open Baeri Supreme Box with lid on natural backgroundOpen Baeri Supreme Box on natural background

Supreme Baeri

The Baeri « Supreme » quality is the finest Baeri caviar grains are carefully selected for their rarity and the unparalleled duration of their flavor profile on the palate.

  • Size : > 2.8 mm

  • Color : Light gray

  • Flavor notes : Buttery, iodized, and mineral

From $10500

Ossetra Caviar

Ossetra Caviar (Latin: Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii) is highly favored by Michelin-starred chefs. Originating from the Caspian Sea, the Russian sturgeon requires a seven-year maturation period to produce the esteemed Ossetra caviar pearls. These pearls, known for their golden-brown hue, are celebrated for their substantial size, firm texture, and distinctive nutty flavor.

Open Ossetra Royal Caviar Box on natural backgroundOpen box of Royal Ossetra caviar on natural background

Royal Ossetra

The Ossetra « Royal » quality is celebrated for its unique blend of hazelnut or green walnut notes harmoniously paired with subtle marine flavors.​​

  • Size : 2.8 mm

  • Color : Light to dark brown

  • Flavor notes : Iodized, nutty

From $10500
Semi-open box of Imperial Ossetra caviar on natural backgroundOpen Ossetra Imperial Caviar Box on natural background

Imperial Ossetra

The Ossetra « Imperial » quality is qualified by its light color and large grains, and offers a harmonious mix of iodine and hazelnut flavors.​

  • Size : 2.9 to 3 mm

  • Color : Light to dark brown

  • Flavor notes : Iodized, nutty

From $13500
Open Ossetra Supreme Caviar Box with lid on natural backgroundOpen Ossetra Supreme Caviar Box on natural background

Supreme Ossetra

The Ossetra « Supreme » quality stands out as a prized brown jewel, boasting exceptional grain size and a texture that is delightfully crunchy yet melts in the mouth.

  • Size : 3.2 mm

  • Color : Light to dark brown

  • Flavor notes : Iodized, nutty

From $18000

Persicus Caviar

Produced by the Iranian sturgeon (Latin: Acipenser Persicus) from the southern Caspian Sea, Persicus caviar takes seven years to mature. This rare caviar, known as « Iran's extinct », is now prized for its shades of brown, dark gray, and plum, firm texture, and pronounced marine flavor, evoking the esteemed Iranian caviar tradition.


Royal Persicus

The Persicus « Royal » caviar stands out with its firm texture, subtly rich buttery undertones, and a pronounced, iodized marine flavor.

Coming Soon

Shipova Caviar

Shipova caviar, derived from the naked-bellied sturgeon (Latin: Acipenser Nudiventris), originates from the Caspian Sea. This species, often described as « elusive » in renowned caviar literature, remains relatively unknown due to its limited farming across only a few countries. The production of Shipova caviar is a meticulous process spanning six years, culminating in the creation of exquisite pearls.​


Royal Shipova

The Shipova « Royal » Caviar is distinguished by its light hue, firm texture, and a distinct iodized flavor that sets it apart.

Coming Soon

What is caviar ?

Caviar, with etymological roots in the Italian word « caviare » or the Turkish « khavyar », was first mentioned in 1458 in the writings of Platina, steward to Pope Pius II. It is defined as salted sturgeon roe, recognized as an extraordinary delicacy. Historically, these roe were heavily salted in brine to enhance preservation. However, contemporary caviar production has embraced the « malossol » technique, a Russian term meaning « little salt ». This method yields caviar with a salt content below 5%, offering a fresher and more delicate flavor profile.​ As purveyors of this refined delicacy, Maison Rova Caviar is dedicated to ensuring swift delivery while meticulously maintaining the cold chain. This commitment guarantees the preservation of the caviar's distinctive properties, ensuring an unmatched culinary experience for our patrons.

Open Baeri Caviar Box on a bed of crushed ice

How to choose the right caviar ?

Caviar, a gourmet delicacy, is offered in a variety of selections by Maison Rova Caviar. We provide a unique tasting experience that allows you to discover the caviar that best matches your preferences. When placing your order, you can specify your preferred characteristics, including color, grain size, texture, and mouthfeel. Each of our products comes with a detailed description sheet to assist you in making an informed choice.

Maison Rova Caviar categorizes its caviar into three distinct ranges: « Royal », « Imperial », and « Supreme », listed in ascending order of price. The rarity of the grains increases with each range. Notably, the « Supreme » range constitutes less than 1% of Rova's total production, highlighting its exclusivity.

Caviar is a fresh product and requires careful handling during delivery. Upon receiving your caviar, it should be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature between 32° and 38°F to ensure optimal preservation and quality.​

Open Persicus and Shipova Caviar Boxes
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