“An ambitious

In 2009, the story of Madagascar Caviar began.

Alexandre Guerrier, Christophe and Delphyne Dabezies, three dynamic French entrepreneurs who had been living in Madagascar since the end of the 1990s, wanted to diversify their activities.

Specializing in the production of clothing for luxury and haute couture houses around the world, they embarked on an exceptional human adventure and created their own sturgeon farm to found the luxury house Rova Caviar Madagascar.

Esturgeon Sibérien Baerii
Boîtes filles Rova Caviar
Direction Rova Caviar Madagascar


The morning mists pierced by the first rays of the sun reveal lush vegetation bordered by pine and eucalyptus trees reflected in infinite expanse of water.

The regular lapping of a fisherman’s paddles as his pirogue glides along the water and the quacking of a flight of knob-billed ducks suddenly disturb the silence and serenity of the mysterious place; on the high plateaus of Madagascar, Lake Mantasoa awakens.


“A naturally
preserved environment”

Site Lac Esturgeons Mantasoa
Lac Mantasoa Acipenser
Nature Mantasoa Rova Caviar

“A luxury house in harmony with the nature and terroir of Madagascar”


After years of work, the first caviar is produced on June 26, 2017, the national day of Madagascar. Its name will be Rova Caviar Madagascar.

“Rova” refers to the name of the Queen’s Palace overlooking the capital, Antananarivo; a national emblem that stamps the tins with “Black Gold”.

Rova Caviar Madagascar
Rova Caviar Suprême
Rova Caviar Royal Impérial Suprême